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Computer Ergonomics

Whether you work a desk job or simply spend a lot of time at the computer day after day, ergonomics is important. Here is what you need to know about computer ergonomics, potential injuries and treatment options.


What Are Computer Ergonomics?

Computer ergonomics refers to the way you use your computer as a workplace, including your posture, the motions you make, and more. An ergonomic setup is one that puts minimal strain on you, which means having proper posture and having the rest of your body positioned properly. The goal of computer ergonomics is to reduce problems that can come from working on computers long term, which include neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain.

One of the best ways to make sure you have got an ergonomic setup is to shop for the right gear. Not only are there chairs designed to give you the best back support while you work long hours, there are also ergonomic keyboards and lots of other little gadgets that can help make life a little easier for you.

Why Are Ergonomics Important?

No matter what you do for work, it is not good to put repetitive strain on your body. While lifting is the cause of mid back pain for some professions, people who work on computers most often experience back pain as a result of poor ergonomics. If you are leaning too far forward or having to contort your body awkwardly several times a day, you are going to feel it eventually. Ergonomics are not just about eliminating injuries and muscle strains in the short term; they make sure you don't develop any long-term injuries over the course of years.

Treatment for Computer-Related Pain

The good news about injuries that stem from a lack of computer ergonomics is that they are treatable. If you are suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain as a result of poor posture or a bad desk setup, an Issaquah chiropractor can help get you adjusted and relieve some of the tension.

As hard as you may try to have good posture and work ergonomically, injuries and soreness are bound to happen at times. Having a good chiropractor is a huge benefit since you do not have to worry about taking pain medications and dealing with nasty side effects every time you need some relief.

Call Whole Health Chiropractic Center Today!

While working a desk job may seem easy, there are many small injuries and strains you can have if you are not careful. Fortunately, an ergonomic setup can help prevent that pain. If you are looking for pain relief in Issaquah, call Whole Health Chiropractic Center to schedule an appointment for an adjustment today.


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