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Work Injuries

Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries

More than 374 million non-fatal work injuries occur every year. Most of these injuries can result in chronic pain and other health issues that can significantly affect your quality of life and keep you out of work for days, weeks, months, or even completely keep you out of a job. 


Here at Whole Health Chiropractic Center, Issaquah, WA, our chiropractors are committed to providing comprehensive chiropractic care to help you treat and recover from all types of work-related injuries. 

Common Types of Work Injuries

Whether your job requires you to sit at a desk, move heavy equipment around, or drive a truck, you’re still at risk of being injured. Common work injuries include:

  • Repetitive motion injuries: These include injuries from typing on a computer or chopping food all day. This can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis.
  • Back and neck pain: This is usually caused by awkward postures like using too-low computer monitors
  • Falls: Ranges from falling down the stairs or tripping on a wet floor 
  • Sprains, tears, and strains:  These may result from stretching, twisting, or overuse of muscles, tendons, or ligaments
  • Cuts and lacerations: These accidents may occur when you get into contact with sharp objects
  • Falling object injuries: People experience head, neck, back, and leg injuries due to falling objects
  • Overexertion: You may experience chronic pain due to lifting, holding, and carrying heavy objects.
  • Vehicle-related accidents: These accidents may result from being run over or struck by a moving vehicle, falling from a vehicle, or being struck by objects falling from a vehicle

Many work injuries can be treated and countered with the help of chiropractic care. You must seek immediate medical attention after an injury to ensure that you get proper treatment. Leaving injuries unattended may lead to further health complications.

How Can Chiropractic Care Help?

Chiropractic care utilizes natural and drug-free methods to address work injuries. Our chiropractors use spinal and joint manipulations, massage therapy, exercise therapy, heat and ice therapy, and nutritional counseling to relieve pain and help you recover. 

What Are the Benefits of Chiropractic Care for Work Injuries? 

Chiropractic Care Steers Away from Surgery and Medicine

When you opt for traditional medicine, your doctor may recommend surgery or a range of other drugs for quick recovery. With chiropractic care, you can do away with both since it’s effective for acute and chronic injuries.

Aids in Faster Recovery

Our chiropractors follow a specific path when treating patients. With adequate chiropractic care, you can speed up your recovery and prevent further injuries. Studies show that patients that opt for chiropractic care record a faster return to work than those that opt for conventional medicine.

Helps Treat a Wide Range of Injuries

Chiropractic care can treat some of the most common work and personal injuries. These injuries range from inflammation to strains and fractures. This is important in identifying other underlying issues and helping you feel better.

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Here at Whole Health Chiropractic Center, Issaquah, WA, our chiropractors are committed to providing high-quality chiropractic care to help you recover from your injuries, cater to all your pain needs, and enhance your overall health. Our team is committed to finding the treatment plan that is right for you. Make an appointment with us today or call us at (425) 313-8950 to start your injury treatment.


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