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Massage Therapy

The Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

For decades massage therapy used to be something that the well-to-do had access to, typically provided through special clinics, private membership clubs, and limited hospital programs. However, today massage therapy has exploded into a viable, well-understood therapeutic approach to improving circulation, increasing mobility, reducing stress, resolving muscular cramping, and providing relaxation. No surprise, massage therapy continues to see growth as the therapy has become incorporated into more patient recovery solutions as well as preventative medicine. Whole Health Chiropractic Center in Issaquah, would like to explore the benefits of massage therapy.


How Does it Work?

Massage therapy generally involves the application of pressure on soft tissues in the body such as muscular areas, tendons, and ligaments. There is an entire range of massage therapy options from the plain relaxation style that many are familiar with, to the extreme application of deep tissue massage. Not every style works for everyone, but in many cases, only certain styles should be applied for certain patients. For instance, a simple relaxation session for stress reduction doesn’t need deep tissue work; the patient will come out of it sore for three days and unable to move if this is the first time.

Types of Massage

The most common massage therapies include the following:

  • Swedish: The most familiar form of massage therapy, the body is worked on with long pressure movement, kneading of thick muscle areas, and deeper circulation motions where stress knots are located in the shoulders and neck. The goal is relaxation and energy improvement with better circulation.
  • Deep Tissue: Not an approach for the first-timer, fair warning. This style of massage requires deep, high-pressure work on muscles, tendons, and related soft-tissues. The process is slower, the pressure is applied longer, and the goal is to reduce muscle scarring and swelling due to the chronic flexing that is common with modern work life or injuries.
  • Sports Massage: Specific to athletes and those heavily into amateur sports, the sports massage style assumes the client is already in excellent condition and focuses on the muscles that are set to be used for the given sport.
  • Trigger Point style: Very specific to injuries or overusage, this is the classic approach for bound muscles that don’t relax normally.

Positive Results

Some of the medical conditions that respond positively to massage therapy include anxiety, chronic stress symptoms, headaches, fibromyalgia, insomnia, soft tissue injuries, and joint pain among others. Massage is frequently recommended as a complement to other health treatments as well, typically in the case of chronic pain management or mobility issues.

Keep in mind, however, massage is not a good idea where a patient has a bleeding condition (including internal), burns, fractures, or osteoporosis. Any serious massage therapy treatment should be reviewed with your doctor before beginning.

Massage Therapy in Issaquah

Whole Health Chiropractic Center serves patients in the Issaquah region and provides a professional approach to massage therapy for therapeutic as well as relaxation benefits. Call us today at (425) 313-8950 to schedule an appointment.


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